Erika June Christina Laing


I hold employed positions at two locations, Carnegie Mellon University and UPMC. At CMU I work in the Machine Learning department with Dr.Tom Mitchell, conducting Magnetoencephalographic (MEG) neuroimaging studies of language and knowledge representation in the brain. At UPMC I work on developing the same neuroimaging method (MEG) as a tool for pre-surgical mapping of somatosensory, motor, auditory, visual, and language functions for tumor and epilepsy patients undergoing neurosurgery. In addition, I am completing my Ph.D. in psychology studying the neural basis of language processing under the advisorship of Dr. Charles Perfetti at the University of Pittsburgh and Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition.



Being a musician and songwriter keeps me balanced. In Faithful Sinners, I utilize the musical saw as a primary melodic contributor to the song, with purposeful lyrics and progressive folk song structures. Faithful Sinners is a collaborative project with Xander Hendrickson, who plays guitar. Check it out! I also play trombone, sing, and dabble with synths and keys and whatever else someone puts before me, and am happy to do any of that freelance as well. Need a saw on your track? I'm your gal! Also, I am currently developing a new horn/vocal based group -- details on THAT as they develop.

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